1: disposition to do good 2 a: an act of kindness b: a generous gift, c: support

Did you know that an “act” of benevolence goes beyond money?  Did you know that you can show an “act” of benevolence with just a simple gesture?  

Having a heart of “benevolence” is more than just a “coin drop” in the “bucket” and walking away.  Here at GCC our Benevolence Team uses their God given gifts and puts them in action as they reach out to help those in need and put to practice Jesus words found in Matthew 25:35

"For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in,"

Areas that our Benevolence Team  reaches out to help:  

•Help with travel needs
•Helping someone move 
•And other needs that come to our doorstep. 

If you want to learn more our Benevolence Team or how you can get involved, click: GCC

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To educate means to “train”, to “develop”, to “provide”…

Often times when we think of Education in the church our minds quickly go to Sunday School and stops there.  Most times people have a false belief about themselves, that they have nothing to offer other people, and because they are not “educated” in an educational background, they have a tendency to pass over  an incredible ministry where God maybe asking them to join Him, to utilize what He has given them.

The GCC Education Team goes beyond the walls of Sunday School.  It enters into the library, to the summer outreach of our VBS program, the Women's Ministry:  BECOMING, into our future small groups and to those kids who go to Blue Rock Christian Camp to grow and maybe for the first time, hear about Jesus.

If you want to learn more about our Education Team or how you can get involved, click:  GCC

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You have to love the definition of Fellowship:  Companionship; company. 2) Community of interest, activity, feeling or experience.  3) FOOD!

This team does a great deal…and yes, most often it revolves around food.  When do people usually sit for a period of time and share their life, share their struggles, laugh, cry, relax?  On any given night you will find restaurants all over this county filled with people who are fellowshipping. Families gather around their dinner table and fellowship.   People not only desire this, but we were created to be companions.

The GCC Fellowship Team tackles this straight on!   This team does more than just “cooking a great meal”.  The experience of having someone, or a group of people bring you food when you are grieving touches the heart…it is a form of companionship that says, “We are here…we want to meet that physical need you have at this moment…”  

If you want to learn more about our Fellowship Team or how you can get involved, click:  GCC

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How many of you think Missions Team is all about keeping the “map” updated so we know where the missionaries are?  Do you know who we support and where they are?  Ever been on a mission’s trip? How many of you are “afraid” to get involved with the Mission Team for the fear that you will HAVE to go overseas?

Did you know that there are things in the Mission Team where you can use your talents and you don’t even have to leave the states (unless you wanted to) or your hometown to make an impact?

God can use you right here, right now to impact lives for Him.  

Here are some areas where our GCC  Missions Team is seen in action:

How do you feel when you get a personal letter or email from someone stating they wrote just because you were on their mind and they wanted to share what was happening in their life and wanted to know about yours? 

In our fast past world, with email forwards and form letters we have lost the personal touch that we all crave for.  So, we have people who:  

•Send emails & letters to encourage them, to let them know we are praying and passing along their needs.
•Pray for our missionaries on a daily/weekly basis.
•Assemble/disassemble displays 
•Serve meals for mission fundraisers 
•Are in charge of a mission of the month

Those who get items ready for those to take who are going on a mission 

•Things for children
•Bug spray
•Ear plugs
•Working supplies

Other Areas:

•Sort mail 
•Take meeting minutes/give out copies 
•Collecting and transporting items for mission 
•Physical labor

If you want to learn more about our Missions Team or how you can to get involved, click:  GCC

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“It was the bottle of water given to us with the church information on it that brought us here…”  ~Rose


“I can never tell you how much UPWARD soccer impacted our son’s life.”  ~Parent


“You mean the bouncer is free for my kids?  You don’t know how much this means to them.  They wanted to ride the rides but we couldn’t afford it.”  ~Parent @ Grape Jamboree

We have this unique opportunity to touch lives, to be “Jesus” in action to our community.  Often times we think if they just come then they will….   Yet, what would it mean if we…go so they will come.

Our GCC Outreach Team is about doing unique things in our community to show God’s love in a practical way through our KIA’s (Kindness in Action) and through community events.  

If you want to learn more about our Outreach Team or how you can get involved, click: GCC

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Stewardship:  the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care. (Webster’s)

Did you know that there is not one God given gift that is more important than the other?   That each gift linked together shows the entire picture of Christ love and of being part of the Body than if they are apart.  Each one is unique because they are given to us as  individuals…fit into the character and personality God created in us.

“Managing and caring for” means taking care of our church building and grounds.  This is a vital ministry.

Here is just a little of what this TEAM does:

•Mow the lawn.
•Trim the landscaping around the buildings.
•Shovel the sidewalks and put down salt on Sunday’s, Wednesday’s and when there are special events.
•Removal of snow from parking lot

Another area of managing and caring that is also a vital ministry is found inside our building with those who:

•Clean the bathrooms
•Dust and clean
•Sweep the classroom floors, sanctuary, & hallways

If you want to learn more about our Stewardship Team or how you can get involved, click: GCC

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The GCC Worship Team is an eclectic group of people who run Audio and Video, sing and play instruments.  They are the people who greet you at the door and are the ones who work with our kids in the Nursery, Children's Church  (K-5th).  This group of people reaches across the entire building each Sunday morning!

Do you love technology?  Do you like to interact with people?  Have you been told you have a tenderness to kids?  If your answer is YES!  Join the Worship Team!.

GCC WORSHIP TEAM...It’s not just “music”.

If you want to learn more about our Worship Team or how you can get involved, 
click:  GCC

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The YOUTH are the next generation that will or will not take the news of Christ into all the nations.  Before you think that the later is negative I want you to think of our job to the YOUTH.  We play a vital role in their lives in helping encourage, instill courage, discipline…showing them not only what God’s love and mercy looks like, but how it plays out in their everyday life.  

Our YOUTH have much to offer and now is the time of training…

A quote for today:

Don’t let the culture set low expectations for what you may accomplish for Christ.  Listen to the way God and Jeremiah argue about Jeremiah’s call when he was young.

"Ah, Sovereign LORD," I said, "I do not know how to speak; I am only a child." But the LORD said to me, "Do not say, 'I am only a child.' You must go to everyone I send you to and say whatever I command you. ~ Jeremiah 1:6-7

The GCC YOUTH TEAM not only includes the Youth Group, but also different Kid Activities (Upward Sports) throughout the year. 

Remember, there are more ways to encourage our YOUTH in their walk than just being a teacher or leader. 

If you want to learn more our Youth Team or how you can get involved click: GCC

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